Shipping Methods

We ship all over Italy via express courier without a minimum order required: shipping is always free.

The delivery will take place at the following times: from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, excluding public holidays.
The first delivery will be made without prior notice; in case of absence the Courier will leave a notice and will resume the delivery on the next Business Day.
In case of further absence, you will be contacted directly by Tirake staff to set date and time of delivery.
In the presence of the Courier we invite you to check that:
  • The number of packages delivered corresponds to what is stated on the Transport Document (delivered by the Courier)
  • The packaging is neither visibly damaged, nor tampered, nor wet, nor too light, nor altered in closing materials.
The goods are ALWAYS shipped in "Secure Shipping", but for the insurance coverage to be valid it is indispensable that the customer, when finding any irregularities upon receipt of the parcel (even a slight scratch or burnout), accepts the product by writing on the document provided by the carrier: "ACCEPTED SUBJECT TO CHECKING – DAMAGED GOODS", or "ACCEPTED SUBJECT TO CHECKING + description of the detected irregularity".
In order to claim insurance coverage, it is not enough to note "ACCEPTED SUBJECT TO CHECKING", but the irregularity should be explained in detail. Should the carrier refuse this kind of acceptance, the Customer must refuse the goods and communicate it to Tirake via mail or phone.

We always recommend, if there are suspicious rumors inside the parcel, to place on the Transport Document of the Courier the statement "ACCEPTED SUBJECT TO CHECKING" and to indicate "Suspicious Rumors" even if the packaging is intact.
In order to be sure that the statement "ACCEPTED SUBJECT TO CHECKING + description of the detected irregularity" is inserted, the customer must personally enter it on the courier's handler (by pressing enter after insertion) or on the paper document if present. The courier is NOT obliged to enter it for you and will never do so.
This specific acceptance allows you to claim the full or partial refund of damage to the courier. The Customer, when not inserting the note “ACCEPTED SUBJECT TO CHECKING” with the indication of the anomaly found, will assume that he has received an intact parcel that has no damage or irregularity and therefore no complaints will be accepted.

All orders containing the items available at the warehouse, whose payments have been confirmed, will be fulfilled and assigned to the courier within 24/48 hours.
Delivery time varies depending on where the goods are shipped and may be delayed due to force majeure and/or factors outside the organization of the transport.
The maximum delivery time across Italy is 72 hours (NB: Delivery time does not include order fulfillment time).