Payment Methods

Purchases made through e-commerce Tirake are safe and secure and can be made in multiple ways:
> Payment by bank transfer in advance
In the case of payment by bank transfer in advance, the order will be managed only after receiving the customer's demonstration of the payment or confirmation of the bank's accreditation. The reason for the payment shall state the customer's order number, first name and last name. The bank transfer shall be addressed to:
DMF Pharma srl 
Bank : UniCredit S.p.A. 
IBAN : IT59 M020 0824 2100 0010 6093 880

> Payment via Credit Card
If you purchase via Credit Card (VISA, Maestro, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Aura Card, PostePay) you will be directed to a PayPal site page through which you can make payment in full security without registering, by clicking the "Pay with a card" button.
Credit card payment through PayPal circuit uses SSL secure payment system: upon confirmation of the order, credit card data will be transferred via SSL (Secure Socket Layer) secure encryption for authorization and charge. In no case Tirake will receive the credit card number. Tirake will only get the authorization provided by the cardholder. This procedure is absolutely secure and fully guarantees both the buyer and the seller (Tirake). The SSL encryption system ensures that no one could read the information sent over the Internet in any way.
> Payment via PayPal
The payment method via PayPal involves the opening of an account on PayPal. You will be directed to a PayPal site page through which you will be able to access your personal account and you will be able to pay the order in full security.
Any refunds will be made directly to the PayPal account.
PayPal sends a confirmation email to each transaction. Payments will be accepted from users registered on the Italian PayPal website.